Furry Paws Pet Care 

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Our Services.

Check out the services we offer below. 

At this present we currently do not offer dog boarding and we do not offer 9 to 5 pet care. We don't offer group dog walking as we don't want anything bad to happen. We always focus on pets that are in the same household because we are comfortable in doing that. We don't charge per pet because we don't feel like it's necessary. Due to our insurance we are only able to keep dogs on leads as we're not covered to let dogs off the leads. 

All of the prices that are shown everything is included. 

Things like- 

Feeding, playtime, litter change, water change and dog walking. 

We can recommend someone that does dog boarding. 

If you need her details please phone us and we will pass them over to you. 

Dog Walking.

£8-£10 for 1 or 

2 visits per day. 

Overnight Pet Sitting At Your Home.

£25 per day, per night. 

Dog/Puppy Care.

£10-£14 for 1 or 2 visits per day.

Cat/Kitten Care.

£10-£14 for 1 or 2 visits per day.

Additonal Information. 

For peace of mind for all pet owners we send photos and videos everyday so that the owners know that there beloved pets are being looked after. We do this through whatsapp, social media and phone calls.